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Passenger terminal

The airport of Seville has a single passenger terminal, which includes domestic flights, international flights and necessary and complementary services for users.

The main airport destinations are national, of which the route with Barcelona-El Prat is the most relevant, followed by Palma de Mallorca and Madrid-Barajas. However, in recent years the international flights has increased considerably, and if this trend continues, the international passengers could soon exceed the volume of domestic passengers thanks to connections with France, Italy and the United Kingdom mainly.

The airport also has a Cargo Terminal and inside the airport premises are the facilities of the factory EADS-CASA and Airbus Military.

It should be noted that for the construction of the terminal building -year 1.992- a building inspired by Sevillian culture was designed based on three of its most traditional components: the Mosque, the Palace, and the orange trees.. The orange orchard outside the enclosure culminates this design.

Flight classification: Schengen and others

Flights are usually classified in three groups, depending on their origin or destination. Schengen, EU Non Schengen and third countries.

Schengen Associated Countries:

Flights, from or to countries which signed the Schengen Agreement.
Citizens of these countries may move freely across the interior borders. International Inter-Schengen flights as well as domestic flights are subject to the Schengen Agreement. The Schengen territory is composed by: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovak, Swiss and Swedish.

Non Schengen EU Countries:

Flights, from or to countries, belonging to the European Union, which did not sign the Schengen Agreement.
Citizens of the following countries may not move freely across the inter-Schengen borders: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland and Romania.

Third Countries:

Flights, from or to countries, not belonging to the European Union, which did not sign the Schengen Agreement.

Terminal T1 - Terminal building

During the return to normality, the availability and hours of the shops, restaurants and complimentary services of the airport may be altered.

The passenger terminal building T1 consists of two floors, level 0 and level 1, and its services are located in the following areas:

Flights: T1 Arrivals

Arrival of flights to Seville:

For domestic and international flights.
Arrivals hall, level 0
Flights status

Baggage claim area:

Baggage claim hall, level 0.
The passenger will find detailed on the information screens the baggage carousel that distributes the luggage corresponding to your flight since the room has eight baggage carousels.
In the event that the passenger disembarks from a non-Schengen country flight, it will be necessary to pass through passport control before to collect the luggage.
You can declare the goods you transport in the Customs office if you think it appropriate.

Customs office:

Non-EU baggage claim hall.
(+34) 954 449 131.

Flights: T1 Departures

Departure of flights from Seville:

For domestic and international flights.
Departures hall, level 1
Flights status


Departures hall, level 1

42 check-in counters divided into three groups.
1 counter for special baggage.
There are no autocheck-in machines.

Boarding area and Boarding gates:

Boarding area: Departures Hall, level 1.
The boarding area is accessed after the security checkpoint. There are 15 doors that give access to 5 telescopic walkways (passenger boarding bridge), and to boarding points by aircraft buses. Depending on your destination, you could have an additional documentation control before boarding (passport or others).

Boarding gates: within the Boarding area, level 1
Gates 1 to 1A || Gates 2 to 8
Gates 9 to 11 || Gates K1 to K4

Available services at Passenger Terminal by floors

Level 0:

Car rental counters at the airport.
Airport information point - AENA.
Information point of the Junta de Andalucía (tourism).
PMR (special needs) meeting points in the sidewalk and lobby Departures.
First aid post.
Conference rooms for rent.
Lost & found and lost luggage.
Internet access and wifi.
1 Defibrilator (Departures area).
Civil Guard.
Public bus stop and taxi stand, in the sidewalk of Departures.

Level 1:

Vip lounge Azahar (boarding area).
Restoration and shopping area.
Airport airlines.
2 ATM (Santander 4B).
Airport information point - AENA.
Baggage wrapping services.
Internet access and wifi.
PMR (special needs) meeting points in the sidewalk and lobby Arrivals.
3 Defibrilator.
Children's recreation area (boarding area).
National Police.
Terrace airport views.

Further information

To obtain more information about this services, please visit the complementary services section.

You may also consult the necessary travel documents before flight, the formalities at your arrival at the airport, or the air passengers rights at sections .