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Complementary passenger services in the Terminal and the airport premises

Sevilla Airport premises offers a wide range of complementary services in order to facilitate the stay its visitors and facilitate a comfortable journey to the passengers.

Some of these services are tariffed and several of them are only available for passengers and not for the general public, due their location inside the passengers-only area.
And not all the services are open 24 hours, or can be out of service for maintenance or repairs. You just call the phone number if you need more information about the service.

Next services list are located to the Seville passenger Terminal and Seville airport premises.

During the return to normality, the availability and hours of the shops, restaurants and complimentary services of the airport may be altered.
Airport information

Terminal T1 planta 0

Tourist information

Information point of the Junta de Andalucía:
Terminal T1 level 0.
Monday to Friday, from 9am. to 7.30pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 9.30am. to 3.00pm.

Car hire

Get all the information about the car rental companies in Seville airport (office location at terminals, schedulle, current promotions) at car rental Seville airport.

Santander (4B)

Terminal T1 level 1, Departures hall.
Terminal T1 level 1, boarding area.

Baggage wrapping

Baggage wrapping machine are next to the check-in counters, at Departures areas. To get this service, leave your baggage to the Safebag staff. If you don't want the wrapping machine covers the baggage wheels and handle, you must inform the staff.

Terminal T1 level 1, check-in area.

Children's play area

Terminal T1 level 1, boarding area, in front of boarding room Gate 2.


Airport have four Heart Rescue Areas (Semiautomatic External Defibrilator) which aims to assist passengers in case of heart attack, strategically located.

Terminal T1 level 1, Departures hall.
Terminal T1 level 1, pre-boarding corridor.
Terminal T1 level 1, comercial area.
Terminal T1 level 0, baggage claim hall.


The airport of Seville doesn't have money changer office.

Halls for hire

You can find all information about halls for hire in the airport, location and features at Lounges for hire in the airport.

Internet - Wi fi and public access devices

You can find all information about internet public access devices, Wi fi and how to connect at Internet public device access and free Wi fi.

Left luggage office

Currently, Seville airport doesn't have Left luggage office.

Lost & found

Terminal T1 level 0.

Lost luggage

Services to resolve incidents with checked baggage. Responsible companies for baggage incidents at Seville airport.


Lost luggage (+34) 954 449 257.
Terminal T1, level 0, Baggage claim hall.

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Lost luggage (+34) 901 111 342 || 954 260 963.
Terminal T1, level 0, Baggage claim hall.

Ryanair (Lesma Hadling)

Lost luggage (+34) 954 449 232.
Terminal T1, level 1, Check-in hall.


Terminal T1 level 1, Departures hall.

Medical care
Medical centre first aid:

Terminal T1 level 0, Arrivals hall
(+34) 954 449 028.


Terminal T1 level 1.
(+34) 954 449 106.
Monday to Friday, from 8'30am. to 8'30pm. Saturdays, from 9'30am. to 2'00pm., and from 3'00pm. to 7'00pm. Sundays and holidays, from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm.

People with reduced mobility (PMR) airport meeting points

You can find all these airport meeting points at people with reduced mobility section..

Restoration: restaurants and cafeterías

Seville airport disposes of restaurant and cafeterias service conveniently situated on the Passenger Terminal, public areas and exclusive passengers areas.

Security personnel
National police (Policía Nacional)

Immigration affairs, passport controls, and airport security.
Terminal T1 level 1, Departures hall.

ivil Guard (Guardia Civil)

Immigration affairs, VAT refund and weapons Inspection.
Terminal T1 level 0, Baggage claim area.
24 hours, (+34) 954 999 467.

Shops / Shopping area

Seville airport disposes of shopping areas conveniently situated on the Passenger Terminal, public areas and exclusive passengers areas, with food shops, Duty Free, gifts and fashion and accessories shops.

VAT refund

To request Value Added Tax (VAT) refund for purchases in Spain, you must be a non UE resident, and the purchase value for each establishment must be over €90.15. You must present the goods purchased and the "tax free" invoices for these to be stamped at the airport's duty reduction office before checking in your luggage.

VAT refund receipts stamp office (Guardia Civil):

Terminal T1 level 0, Baggage claim area.
24 hours, (+34) 954 999 467.

DIVA process - Electronic validation:

If you have a DIVA form that justifies your purchase, you can avoid manual stamp and do it in the automatic machines or in the reading devices for the electronic validation of the DIVA forms, located in the check-in areas.

In order to obtain the VAT Refund, after the electronic validation or the manual invoice stamp, you must go to the tax-free management entities in the airport, or send the sealed/validated invoices to the establishment in question to make the refund.

More information available about the VAT Refund process at the Spanish airports at

VIP lounges

Get all locations, features and opening hours about VIP lounges at Seville airport.

Weapons Inspection

Please counsult Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) airport.

Complaints and suggestions

If you think that you were not treated adequately, using any of these complementary services, please consult complaints and suggestions at