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Wi-Fi / Wireless internet and access devices at the airport

Internet access at the airport - Wi-Fi / Wireless and public access device

In Seville airport you can connect to the Internet with your laptop, mobile phone or any other device with WIFI technology, thanks to the company Eurona Telecom Wireless.

Free internet access at Seville airport

The airport offers users a free internet access via WiFi for unlimited time, basic navigation to limit download speed and supported by advertising.

Eurona combines this free service with selling premium services to Internet access and mobile data rates.

How does it work ?

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Connect your device to the wireless network SSID: Airport_Free_Wifi_AENA. Open the web browser and either request a page, will display a welcome screen from WiFI services. From then follow the instructions to choose the requested sponsorized service (free) or Premium services.

Terminal Wi-Fi coverage area

Full coverage in all the Passenger Terminal.

Other ways to get internet access at the airport

Seville airport doesn't have public terminals with internet connection (computers). This kind of connection is only currently available in VIP lounges of the airport and under their conditions of access.

For additional information or incidents with this service, please contact: